Pamela Klein

Six Steps to Tackling Unfinished Projects

Embracing My Inner Tortoise

Unfinished Tree of Life

Unfinished pendant that needs a lot of work!

I just finished a pendant that I started six months ago. It’s not that I worked on it for six months, I probably worked on it for three hours. But, for several reasons, I just stopped in the midst of working on it. It got me thinking about why we leave things undone, what makes us pick them up again, and all the emotions we experience just because of that unfinished project. Read more

The Studio Saga: Part One

A jewelry studio emerges from a mess

For artists and craftspeople, the studio space is, well, personal. I’m sure that sounds like an obvious thing to say. But after spending eighteen years in the retail craft world, I know first hand that everybody conceptualizes their art – and therefore their studio – differently. Some people are messy – but boy, they know where every snip of wire is. Some people are super-tidy and organized, and they need that open, clean space for their brains to allow their creativity to flow. Because I am in the process of creating a studio space for myself, craft spaces have been on my mind. A LOT. Read more