Creating jewelry should be fun and rewarding! That is my philosophy when it comes to jewelry-sawing04making instruction. After a class, I want every student to feel like they learned more than they expected, and to have something in hand that they can be proud of. I focus heavily on fundamentals so, when new techniques are learned, there is a solid base for them to lay upon.

I teach a wide range of jewelry skills including metal work, bead work, and wire work. Most of my classes are “project-driven” – students create a specific project as a vehicle for learning technique. I also have some “skill-driven” classes where the student might only make a sampler or a few small pieces because the focus of the class is the specific technique, not a finished projecclasses-groupt. It’s amazing what a beginner can create in a few hours given the right direction and focus!

I can typically be found teaching at Mana Beads in historic Nevada City, California. They have a well-stocked studio, perfect for all the projects you want to pursue including soldering and metal-working tools and equipment, as well as tools and supplies available for purchase.

Private classes are also available and inquiries are welcome.soldering-class