Pamela KleinFrom some of my earliest memories, I remember enjoying beads, jewelry and human ornamentation. I was especially attracted to the ancient history of adornment and, therefore, beads in particular. I am still fascinated that bead-making and the wearing of beads was experienced all over the world, at generally the same time, by all humans (around 30,000 BCE typically). You can’t find a culture that doesn’t make use of beads and jewelry. No single group started adorning themselves and then passed the idea on to another group. We all did it independently. This makes me see the wearing of beads and personal adornment as an innately human behavior – something that undeniably connects us across the globe and across the centuries. I love being a part of the world by expressing my art through such a universally understood medium.

After owning two retail bead & jewelry shops, once in Kona, Hawaii and once in Nevada City, California, I am now following my creative pursuits in a more personal way. I find that I am drawing more upon my artistic foundation in sculpture and applying those ideas to my jewelry work. My artistic expression no longer focuses so heavily on beads (although how can you not love an interesting bead?!). Instead I am designing pieces that make good use of natural one-of-a-kind gemstones, highlighting them in modern sterling silver settings. Reticulated silver is a strong theme as well.Pamela Klein By essentially melting the surface of the silver, I surrender to the nature of the metal and its unpredictable patterning. You will also find themes of nature in many of my designs. All in all, I am attempting to showcase nature through the wonder of gemstones, the manipulation of the earth’s metals, and in the appreciation of it’s living things.

With nearly 30 years in the jewelry industry, I have had the good fortune to learn a good deal quite a bit about jewelry, jewelry-making, and stones. I have also had the good fortune to share that knowledge with many wonderful people. I love the classroom atmosphere – where people have come together to create something that didn’t exist before, to open their minds to new information, and most importantly, to support one another in a new experience. I currently teach classes in metalwork and beadwork regionally which keeps me learning new things every day.